New Migraine Treatment and Home Remedies

new migraine treatment

New Migraine Treatment and its Benefits

Migraine is a dreadful condition in which one feel headache on one side of the head. Nowadays, this disease is increasing at an alarming rate due to modern and bad lifestyle habits. Ten percent people from whole world is suffering from this ailment. Women are more prone to this condition as compared to men. Normally this condition occurs when one person is under stress or suddenly get relieved from that stress. Environmental factor and genes also play role in this disease.

Symptoms of Migraine

new migraine treatment

Signs can be different for different persons. Some persons feel warning signals while others may not feel so. Some people feel silent warning signals but they do not feel headache. Some of the common symptoms of migraine are listed below:

  1. Vomiting
  2. Nausea
  3. Person become sensitive to light and sound
  4. Sweating
  5. Lack in concentration
  6. Temperature sensitive
  7. Stomach pain

These symptoms may last between few hours and three days

Migraine Causes

The real factor to cause migraine is not known but it has been observed that migraine occurs due to sudden change in your brain activity. Some causes of migraine are listed below:

  1. It can happen due to hormonal changes. Women can experience it before or during their periods as this is the time when their hormonal level get changed.
  2. Emotional changes such as stress, tension, anxiety, shock or depression can lead to this attack.
  3. Physical changes such as fatigue, lack of sleep, more work than your usual activity may trigger migraine attack.
  4. Wrong food habits may also aggravate this problem.
  5. Environmental changes such as loud noise, bright light, sudden changes in temperature etc. can also be the reason of migraine.
  6. Some kind of medicines are also responsible for migraine.

new migraine treatment

How to diagnose Migraine?

This problem is highly unpredictable so no such test is available to diagnose it. But for a correct diagnosis one should identify the similarity in the re occurrence of headache i.e. to observe the pattern of your headache along with its symptoms.

Migraine Treatment

You should always consult a general physician or neuro specialist as per your requirements. In initial stage you can also take a pain killer which suits you.

In migraine, prevention is always better than cure because till date no such specific medicine for migraine is present.

New Migraine Treatment (Home Remedies)

  1. Drink lots of water; at least 10 glasses everyday but never drink water within meals.
  2. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables.
  3. Take proper rest and sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day.
  4. Exercise regularly
  5. Breathe in fresh air
  6. Avoid sugary items
  7. Do not eat white flour i.e. maida
  8. Try to avoid refined grains

So, it is clear now that to avoid this attack one should be careful about its symptoms. One should always visit a specialist if problem persists frequently and for many days.

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